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ASquaredStudio.com stands true to its commitment of serving clients optimally without compromising their interests in any way. As part of this obligation, we have put in place elaborate privacy policy that intends to safeguard your personal information shared with us. The comprehensive policy upholds your right to privacy by clarifying the ways we collect and use information specific to you.

The moment you land on our website, you can rest assured that your privacy would be safeguarded in all possible manners. To be completely successful in our mission, we seek your cooperation. Kindly go through the information detailed here prior to submitting your personal data on our website.

We are presenting an overview of the manner in which your privacy is protected on our website.

The Process of Collecting Information

Get in Touch Forms

We collect information from you directly through the Get in Touch form on our website. The decision to share your information on our website lies completely at your discretion.


Cookies are universally used for securing more insights about how visitors use website so as to offer them more enjoyable and well-facilitated browsing experience. Cookies are also deployed by us for collecting relevant information. This information pertains to the mode in which you landed on our website, the pages you browsed through and the pattern in which you went through information provided. No individual from our end would review this information. If you choose not the share the information with us, you may disable the cookies or exercise the option of not enabling them at request or download page.

Internet Access Logs

Information about you is also collected indirectly by us from internet access logs of our website. Our internet access log spontaneously collects your IP address when you land on our website.

The Process of Information Usage

Information collected about you on our website is used for analyzing ways in which we can prove more useful to you. The elements that improve your experience and the aspects that distract you are identified.

Your Information is Never Shared with Third Parties

We never sell or share your individual information to/with third or outside parties. We never indulge in the unethical practice of using your information for commercial purposes. Your information might be shared with our employees and strategic partners who abide by Non-Disclosure Agreement.

However, our site may carry links to external sites that are not monitored or managed by us. We cannot certify about the privacy policies or content usage terms of such sites.

We Keep Your Data Secured

The personally identifiable information shared by you or other esteemed users on our site is preserved and safely managed by us through failsafe physical and electronic security measures. Any deliberate alteration or misuse of your information is forbidden by our security measures. Your data is safely kept behind a firewall which eliminates scope of inadvertent loss. Access to firewall is granted to our authorized professionals only.

We respect your trust in us. This is reciprocated through top notch security measures for preserving the integrity of your information. All contemporary information security measures are put in place for preventing unauthorized access, deliberate information disclosure or efforts to compromise the accuracy of your data.

Stellar administrative, technical and physical safeguards are deployed by us, like:

  • Unless necessary, no personal data or information would be collected by us
  • Information would be gathered only for activities relevant to our portal
  • All measures would be initiated for securing your data from damage, loss, theft, deliberate distortion, and unauthorized digital and physical reproduction

Through our portal, we only gather and store generic and basic information. Such information includes but is not limited to your name, company name, country name, email, telephone number etc. Extension of such information is website related data like cookies, IP address, and system location. The information is used solely for business promotion and customer experience enhancement purposes. We might use the information for connecting with you in future to update you about our product/service upgrades or for fulfilling unique requirements.

Our users can apprise us about their desire to discontinue processing of information related to them by us. You can direct us to delete all information related to you from our systems permanently. If you wish to get your information corrected or set right any inaccuracy in data, you can reach out to us.