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A Squared Studio requests you to peruse the terms and conditions stated below with due care and attention. These terms of use dictate the manner in which we purport to offer access to our website to users for fulfilling their relevant needs. After you have landed on our webpage and started browsing through the content, A Squared Studio would assume that you have tacitly agreed to be governed by these terms and conditions. Your use of our site would also signify your acceptance of our terms in entirety. A Squared Studio would modify the terms from time to time to cater to the prevailing conditions and would post the changes over here for your scrutiny.

Copyrights and Right to Intellectual Property

A Squared Studio commands exclusive ownership of all content posted on this website. The term content would denote textual matter, software, images, graphics, audio, video, multimedia, and other elements of the site.

The logo visible on this website as well as apparent in the communication/interactions with users is A Squared Studio’s trademark which belongs to and is owned by us. A Squared Studio restricts everyone from using the trademark in any form without seeking explicit written consent from us.

Use of this Website

We request you not to copy, alter, disseminate, send, display, physically or electronically reproduce, publish, sell or license the content displayed on our website without seeking A Squared Studio’s explicit consent in written.

A Squared Studio prohibits all from engaging in unauthorized use of content displayed on our website. Any illegal use would be deemed as violation of copyright, intellectual property and trademarks related laws/statutes. A Squared Studio would initiate necessary disciplinary, criminal or civil actions against those held responsible. We may take punitive measures against those found guilty of violation.

A Squared Studio assumes that your usage of our site’s content imply your consent to abide by the applicable copyright laws, local or global. You also agree not to get involved in any unauthorized reproduction of content provided herein. We don’t grant any right, express or implied, to users under patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secret information related Acts. We would monitor the access and usage of this website by users.


A Squared Studio makes no express or implied warranties to users. We cannot be held responsible for any damage incurring to users from use of content displayed on this site. The content signifies, without limitations, all merchantability clauses. The fitness of our services to your purpose is not assured by us. This is applicable to all information, statements, products, services, data, and other content available on our site.

A Squared Studio is providing the entire array of content, software, services, products, data and relevant information on ‘As Is’ and ‘As Available’ mode only.

Liability Limitations

A Squared Studio, under no circumstance, can be held legally responsible for any damage. The definition of damage is comprehensive and includes, without any limitation, incidental, specific, consequential, punitive or indirect damage. No agreement, contract, liability term or tort can be enforced on A Squared Studio for claiming any damage related monetary loss.

Users enjoy the right to use the services of our website at their discretion. If at any point, you feel threatened by prospect of any damage, you can stop using our site. The website carries significant amount of information and as such performance failure, discrepancies, omissions, errors, defects, faults, flaws, interruptions, operational delays, transmission issues, malware and computer virus related problems, failure of line system, data loss, or other losses can occur inadvertently. A Squared Studio cannot be held responsible for any such damage arising out of the use of our site’s content or content published in any external site linked with us. As soon as A Squared Studio becomes aware of such damage potential, necessary action would be initiated to rectify the same. A Squared Studio won’t indemnify anyone for any damage.

Indemnity Clause

A Squared Studio enjoys the privilege of being indemnified for any fraudulent or deliberate claim of data loss by user. We would defend ourselves from all charges of losses or damages levied on us by users of our services. A Squared Studio should be held harmless from monetary losses including, but not limited to, attorney or advocate fees and other allied costs. If a user misuses the content or services provided through our website, A Squared Studio enjoys impunity from any damage occurring to other users from such wilful or malicious act.


A Squared Studio admits that our website may carry data inaccuracies and typographical errors. This is possible due to manual interventions. A Squared Studio explicitly disclaims all obligations related to updating this website or any content contained herein. A Squared Studio refrains from warranting the integrity, accuracy, reliability and completeness of content/ material/ advice/ memorandum/ statement/ opinion/ or other relevant information published/disseminated/distributed or displayed though our site. The entire risk of using information published in our site is vested with the users. A Squared Studio, however, would verify the content of site periodically and would set right/rectify/remedy/correct all errors/discrepancies/anomalies/flaws/omissions earnestly.


A Squared Studio, at its sole discretion, can alter/modify/change/discontinue any aspect/content/service/feature of this website to accommodate new changes or in alignment with its new policy.

Third Party Content

A Squared Studio’s website contain links to external websites. Users may access the content of such sites or use the products and services displayed in those third party sites at their own discretion. The sites we commonly link to may belong to advertisers, stakeholders, affiliates, or sponsors. Any damage occurring to user from use of these external sites would not be indemnified by A Squared Studio under any circumstance. A Squared Studio is also not responsible for availability of desired content in third-party sites. We request users to go through the usage and privacy policies of respective websites before using content posted therein. However, A Squared Studio does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of such information. Any opinion/advice/statement/ad/promotional material posted on third-party sites are unique to individual sites. Even though users may access the information in third-party sites through our site, A Squared Studio may not be held liable for any risk/loss/damage arising from use of such content.