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Welcome to

A Squared Studio

With the ever changing and constant advancement of the architecture and design industry, 3D visualizations have become a vital part of our field.

A Squared Studio is a progressive creative studio with expertise in architecture and design.

From 3D visualizations to animations, we bring ideas to life by rendering each project to effectively communicate the vision of the architect, designer, or developer.



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Surfer-House-exterior-02-clay Surfer-House-exterior-01-furniture

Send us your files

Provide us with all the information necessary to estimate your project. Once this is approved we can start working.


We send you preliminary images for your review and make amendments according to your feedback.

Final Renders

Once we have your confirmation on the amended images, we will provide you with the final images in full resolution.

Get a Tailored Quotation

Each project is unique and prices vary depending on size and complexity.

Before providing our clients with an estimate we evaluate the materials provided, the type of rendering services needed and the detail level required. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs and get a tailored quotation for your project.

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